I want you to be weird.

How’s that for an about page title?

I’m kind of weird. Even though I was born and have spent my entire life in the South, I despise iced tea or really tea of any kind. Despite spending much of adult life on or around a college campus, I never developed a taste for coffee.

I’m actively trying to be weird in other ways, too. I want to be a weird husband that sacrificially loves his wife as Christ loves the church. I hope to be a weird dad who loves his kids enough to spend time actively teaching and training them in every way possible to be who God created them to be. Most of all, I want to be a what amounts to a weird Christian who finds his fulfillment in Christ and not the things of this world.

Unfortunately, I’m not as successful as I would like in being weird in these areas.

I’ve been inspired by a man who seems fairly weird himself. He grew up an atheist, became a believer, had an odd idea about a lamp post in the middle of the woods and became a Christian icon. C.S. Lewis inspires, convicts and encourages me in a host of ways.

Welcome to The Wardrobe Door. Who knows what’s on the other side, but if it’s anything like me it will probably be weird.

Hopefully, you’ll find something here to make you think, make you laugh, or maybe even both. My main goal is for you to decide you want to be weird too. In the good way. You can still enjoy tea and coffee if you’d like.

Currently, my wife and I live outside Nashville, Tennessee with our two sons and two daughters, where I serve as the senior writer for Lifeway Research. I’ve been published in The Washington Post, Christianity Today, World Magazine and numerous other outlets.

You can connect with me on Twitter @WardrobeDoor and at Facebook.com/WardrobeDoor.

Disclaimer: None of my previous employers or schools and possible future employers or schools necessarily endorse or agree with my writing here. It is entirely probable that you find something I’ve written here with which I no longer endorse or agree. I feel confident only in the core doctrines of orthodox, historical Christianity and my available room for growth.

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